Maria Mena at Paradiso

December 8, 2006

Last night Sylvia and I had our best concert ever. We went to Maria Mena in the Paradiso building in Amsterdam.

Maria said we where her best audience ever. You might think she said that just to please us, but I believe she means it. BTW she was visibly moved when she said it to us yesterday on stage. I had my camera with me but in all the excitement I forgot to make pictures except for a few which are to dark. Luckily the dutch Maria Mena fan club made some. They even have a capturing of her new song “I’m in love again” up on YouTube. That clip is filmed from close where we where standing!

I understand that singing this song to us was quit special because she normally processes her songs for a year before letting them be heard to anyone outside the band and this songs was brand new. She succeeded in her attempt to cheer us up a bit as she had been singing quit sad songs up to that point. It was a welcome refreshment.

We already knew she produced wonderful cd’s but yesterday she simple blew us off our feet with her live performance.

Thank you Maria Mena.