Wow! I just discovered Twittervision in 3D and Flickrvision in 3D via Dave Winer.


Running the numbers

May 15, 2007

Did you know that;

  • 2.5 million plastic bottles are used in the US every hour
  • 65,000 American teenagers under age eighteen become addicted to cigarettes every month
  • 11,000 commercial flights are made in the US every eight hours
  • 426,000 cell phones are retired in the US every day
  • 213,000 emergency room visits are yearly made in the US related to misuse or abuse of prescription pain killers
  • 29,569 gun-related deaths occurred in the US in 2004
  • 1.14 million brown paper supermarket bags are used in the US every hour
  • 60,000 plastic bags are used in the US every five seconds

Pretty impressive numbers, huh? Chris Jordan made an American consumption portrait. Check out his website if you want a visualization of these consumption numbers.

Cool new Mashup

May 15, 2007

Check out this cool new mashup; FlickrVision by Dave Troy (the same guy that created TwitterVision).


You see Flickr images placed on Google Maps as they are uploaded to Flickr.

Addicting to watch isn’t it? It doesn’t give me that “being there in real-time” feel that TwitterVision often does, since I realize there must often be a considerable interval between a picture being taken and it being uploaded, but I find it exciting nonetheless!

I found FlickrVision via Robert Scoble’s blog (that was probably also the source that introduced me to TwitterVision sometime ago). I was amazed that I did not find FlickrVision on the ProgrammableWeb matrix. (Here’s the results for Flickr+Google Maps Mashups.)