April 16, 2008

I’m a huge fan of fototickr , but I always wished I could use it to tick my own Flickr photos and I mean even the non-public (friends/family) ones. So I wrote myself an application that can!

I present FlickrPickrTickr.


When you load the page for the first time, you’ll be directed to a Flickr page that asks you to allow the app read access to all your Flickr photos. The next time you visit FlickrPickrTickr it will have remembered this for you. Upon you agreeing with read access, FlickrPickrTickr will start ticking your photo’s. (In my case all 7602 of them.) But you can narrow the selection down by using the pickr (click the pickr button) to specify which pictures you want to see. At the moment you can specify tags (comma separated) and specify whether you want to see the pictures with “all” or “any” of the tags specified. But I’m probably gonna extend the options in the near future.

Feel free to give me feedback.

By the way, the application is written in Flex. It’s an ActionScript 3.0 project based on the free as3flickrlib.