JoyRider 1.0

May 20, 2008

I made a first attempt to produce my own addicting little Flash game. I wouldn’t call it addicting yet, but there’s a start. The game is called JoyRider 1.0 and it’s objective is simply; survive and earn points.

JoyRider gameplay

To survive;

  • Stay on the track.
    If not you lose a life. (You start with 3 lifes.)

To earn points;

  • Race against traffic.
    In this direction you earn points per distance travelled.
  • Avoid collisions.
    Collisions will drag you in the wrong direction.
  • Collect points.
    Drive over the dots that appear on the track.

The Rules Of JoyRider

Right now the gameplay only develops when you earn points. Based on your score, more and more enemies are triggered to enter the track and give you a hard time. But I’m pondering how to give the game play more dimensions. Right now I’m thinking in terms of increasing the speed or changing the corner radius of the player and I want to introduce the concept of levels. (Different track shapes, in form and wideness of the road.) But I don’t want to make the game to difficult. It’s already difficult to survive long. Try to make 4000 points or steer a netto of 10 laps against the traffic. Not so easy! But if you try, be sure to subscribe to Kongregate first, this way you will get your name into the high score table.

Please feel free to leave me suggestions (in the comments or on twitter) to improve JoyRider in the future releases. Here’s my list so far of improvements for the next version;

  • Sound!
  • A pause button.
  • Levels.

Let me know what you think of JoyRider!

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It is now possible to see photo’s and wikipedia articles on your Google Maps.

Google Maps with photos on it

Google Maps with wikipedia entries on it

Just goto Google Maps. Click more and then check the checkboxes for “Photo” and “Wikipedia”. Voila.

Wow this is addicting; Kongregate

I’ve spend hours playing games on this website.

The website is a huge collection of small Flash games. Most of them are programmed against the Kongregate challenge and high score API’s that connect all the games to a global Kongregate scoring system which makes the whole thing really competitive.

If you easily fall for addictions, don’t go anywhere near this website. If you do want to check it out, here are some recommendations.

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