Today I tried using my T-Mobile Netherlands Web N Walk USB stick with Kubuntu 8.10. I had been dreading this moment, since installing T-Mobile’s web n walk manager for Windows has been a terrible experience for me. After a firmware update T-Mobile’s drivers became completely uninstallable. (A nightmare of several weeks with little to none support from T-Mobile Netherlands.) I figured, that since T-Mobile was offering driver downloads for Windows operating systems but not for Linux I was in for deep trouble. But this time I was pleasantly surprised. There are very well written tutorials on the Internet that explain how to use your web n walk stick with Linux within minutes.

I compiled the driver for my kernel with the instructions on this page:

And then run the HSOconnect connection manager to connect to T-Mobile’s HSDPA network. It works!

HSOconnect connection manager for Linux

HSOconnect connection manager for Linux

I’ve been using the connection for several hours now with proper down- and upload speeds.

I guess the big difference between my Windows vs Linux experience is that Option NV (the chip-maker for T-Mobile’s web n walk stick) does not offer windows driver downloads directly (they forward you to T-Mobile), but Option does seem to work together with the Linux community to build good Linux drivers. I’m very happy with the Linux drivers and I recommend Option and T-Mobile to use a similar construction for the Windows support!