Sophie draws within the lines!

Originally uploaded by Theo Lagendijk

Today I discovered that my little daughter has secretly been perfecting the art of drawing within the lines. I’m very proud.

Look at those stars!

Path to Enlightenment

July 9, 2010

I’m a big fan of Chet Haase and his brilliant blog Codedependent. He makes very entertaining instructional videos about coding on the Flex 4 framework. I occasionally spend some time on his blog getting to know the new features in the Flex 4 framework. And time and time again he has managed to motivate me to get back to work and use my skills in a playful manner.

A while a go I watched this gripping and suspenseful video about creating a simple drawing application. The video talks about the new “Path” object in Flex 4. The Path object is an easy tool to save and manipulate line data. (This simple demo uses only simple straight line segments but this object could be used for bezier curves as well.)

Anyway I was fascinated by the small amount of code needed for this application. I downloaded the code and played with it. Here’s my interpretation of the Path to Enlightenment. It’s in the spirit of “less is more”. Draw some lines and wait a few seconds to see what I mean. Your lines will be enlighted and stripped down to their bare essentials. 🙂

The demo (press your left mouse button and draw by moving your mouse)
The source