Augmented Vlaardingen

February 25, 2013

Augmented Vlaardingen, originally uploaded by Platipus – Software Inside.

The future Location Based Augmented Reality applications (AR) have to be realised with a combination of location and orientation sensors and computer vision. Such a combination would allow very accurate outdoor location based AR applications.

Metaio is bringing us one step closer to this future with their dedicated hardware Augmented Reality Engine.

This is great. I’m pleasantly surprised by this Augmented Reality application. The app brings your TNT mailbox to life! How cool is that?!
Check out the video. You’ll be amazed.

Now that’s a fun way of storytelling!

Adam and Rita

February 12, 2013

Adam and Rita by Platipus - Software Inside
Adam and Rita, a photo by Platipus – Software Inside on Flickr.

A heart warming love story.
Featuring AR with Junaio.