Folding Fraktur

July 10, 2014

One of the great selling points of Augmented Reality ( and especially in the case of animated interactive 3D in AR ) is the ultimate freedom to chose your perspective.

A strong example from our Platipus portfolio is an animated explanation of the workings of a roots compressor and the animated explanation of a Nissan Note TPMS system.

Nissan Roots Compressor 3D in ARNissan Note TPMS detection

Both the roots compressor and the TPMS animation are 3D animations that we created in collaboration with Zwartlicht for Nissan Europe.

Just now we’ve created another very simple and elegant example that demonstrates the “Perspective is everything” principle. It’s a digital version of Coen de Koning’s “Folding Fraktur”.

Take you smart device, install “Platipus AR” from App Store or Play Store. Open “Folding Fraktur” and aim it at our business card;

Reference Image


Navigate through all the characters of the font and notice how there’s only one perfect perspective per character that will make the characters 3D parts align properly. Have fun!


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