Hi I’m Theo Lagendijk, but the address of this blog probably suggested that to you. 🙂

I will post to this blog the things that fascinated me, which I consider might be worth your time.

Have fun on my blog!

Feel free to leave me a message!

theo.lagendijk < at >

0031 643019721

11 Responses to “About Me”

  1. hemanshu Says:


    I ilke your blog very much.
    Do you have any AS2 based projects?
    Bcz i am flash scripter and i am working on AS2
    I have some problem in bitmap class and xml class – so if you have some as files containing related functions for the same.
    Can you send me?

    You are from where?
    I am from india.


  2. Hi Hermanshu,

    I’m glad you like my blog!
    Sorry for my late reaction to your comment. I’ve been on a short vacation. 🙂 I’m from the Netherlands. Yes I have done some AS2 projects and I still have the sources but none that my clients allow me to share with you. 😦

    I considered these websites very valuable in my first steps with advanced Flash programming;

  3. […] blog describes the process of me developing a small, user-friendly, easy installable FLV Player. As I was working on the website of […]

  4. sethu Says:


    thanks for ur blog i am trying to follow ur examples

    please check wheather u can help me for the following

    I am getting a text from a textfield which i created in flash. now i want replace chars whenever i encounter two vowels consicutivly like ‘aa’,’ae’,’ee’… to uppercase using flash8. and display it in the dynamic text field. can you help me with this.

    thanks in advance


  5. jetendanny Says:

    Hee Theo

    Je antwoord is fout. Het was apples and mangos.
    Gekke Ghanezen !!

    alles goed ?

  6. hi jetendanny,
    met wie heb ik het genoegen? beide?

    ja alles is hier goed hoor!

    shit had ik het fout! of weet ik het beter dan die gekke Ghanezen? :))

  7. Martin Says:

    do you have a source fla for the player. I’d like to pimp a little the design of that player.

  8. Bob B. Says:

    Like the content on here, but need a quikie answer.

    Do you have any notes on controlling the direction in which a SWF scrolls your image, or can you point me to where I can find out that info? I need a to have the image move right to left, instead of scrolling left to right. That way, the image can look authentic and not like a mirror image.

    Possible? I hope to hear from you soon.


    A parameter would be nice

    • Hi Bob,

      I’m not completely sure what you mean. SWFs have no default way of scrolling images. That’s all controlled by ActionScript code inside the SWF. Do you own the source code of the SWF that you’re talking about?
      If so, I can help you!

      Kind regards,
      Theo Lagendijk

  9. Theo!

    What a great FLV player!

    Just one thing issue:

    When ‘autoplay’ is false, I get a black rectangle where the video would be.

    Is there a way to specify a ‘thumbnail’ or ‘poster’ image to display before the user clicks the Play button?

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